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Pathways to Teaching

All aspiring teachers must have a valid teaching certificate from the New York State Education Department (NYSED) to be eligible for a permanent position teaching in our schools, but there are many different paths to fulfill those requirements. We value the unique experiences our teachers bring to the table, and offer a wide range of pathways to the classroom.

Certified Teachers

Most of our applicants have already earned their certification or will have it by the fall, and many have valuable classroom experience, either from teaching in New York or outside the state. If you are a teacher certified in another state, you likely can still bring your talents to New York City classrooms as long as you take the required tests and workshops before you begin teaching. You should also check that your teaching certificate is accepted by NYSED for reciprocity.

Candidates Who Are Not Yet Certified

Aspiring teachers without a teaching certificate can launch a rewarding career in the classroom through either a traditional preparation program or an alternative program. Professionals and recent college graduates can choose from one of nine alternative certification programs, which allow applicants to earn certification while teaching. These alternative routes include unique pathways for pre-K teachers and Career and Technical Educators.

Current Students of Education

Teachers may attend a traditional preparation program at a university school of education to obtain a New York State teaching certificate. As part of their coursework, students currently enrolled in schools of education have the option to practice their craft as a student teacher. In classroom assignments arranged by their university, student teachers gain hands-on experience in New York City classrooms under the guidance of a practiced cooperating teacher.