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Renewal Schools

In November 2014, Mayor Bill de Blasio unveiled the Renewal School Program, a new strategy to turn around New York City’s most challenged schools. Renewal Schools provide an extra hour of extended instruction each day in addition to expanded after-school and summer learning opportunities for students. Schools in the program receive additional resources for academic intervention and professional development.

“The status quo is not acceptable. That’s why we are giving struggling schools something they’ve never had before: the leadership, focus and support they need to finally succeed. This is what real change will take.”
– Mayor Bill de Blasio, March 10, 2015


Become a Part of the Transformation

The Renewal School Program fundamentally changes the direction of, and accelerates progress in, struggling schools. This is in stark contrast with the old approach of simply closing or phasing out these schools. This pioneering approach is driving one of the largest school turnaround efforts in the world. The Renewal School Program reflects a commitment to ensuring that all New York City public school students and all New York City schools have the supports they need to succeed. The program connects students, parents, teachers, administrators, and communities as partners in creating excellent learning communities for our city. Become a part of the community. Become a part of the transformation. Be a part of something big.

Becoming a Teacher at a Renewal School

If you are not currently teaching in a New York City public school, your first step is to complete your online teacher application. Following our initial review, you may be eligible to use the New Teacher Finder to find positions at one of the Renewal Schools and reach out to those schools that interest directly. 

Current NYC DOE teachers should utilize the Open Market Hiring System to search for positions in Renewal Schools.

Collaborate as a Teacher Leader to Impact Student Learning

The NYC DOE and United Federation of Teachers (UFT) hold a common belief that by extending educators’ skills beyond their individual classroom, teachers can be powerful levers of change for school communities.

The Model and Master Teacher positions were created in 2014 to establish differentiated career pathways for New York City’s teachers:

  • Model Teachers use their classrooms as a laboratory and resource to support the professional growth of colleagues. Working closely with other teacher leaders, the Model Teacher is a resource to other teachers by demonstrating effective teaching strategies.
  • Master Teachers work closely with school and/or district leadership to promote excellent teaching through purposeful sharing of best practices, peer coaching, and creating a collaborative learning culture that bolsters instruction at the school or district level. 

Supporting Teachers Supports Students

In addition to serving as full-service Community School hubs, Renewal Schools offer a multitude of resources to their communities:

  • Additional learning time for students. While teachers at Renewal Schools work the same amount of hours as teachers in other schools across the City, creative programming and innovative scheduling allows for an additional five hours of learning per week, or the equivalent of more than 30 extra instructional days, for each student. Expanded learning hours for students also create additional paid after-school opportunities for teachers in Renewal Schools.
  • Extensive professional learning and development, including intensive coaching for teachers at every stage of their career
  • Lower adult-to-student ratios due to increased support from staff of school-embedded community-based partners
  • Teacher leadership roles - Master teachers, Peer Collaborative teachers, and Model teachers – filled by colleagues who share their craft with educators in their schools. These roles provide all teachers in Renewal Schools with expanded opportunities for professional growth and collaboration.
  • Academic intervention specialists, guidance counselors, social workers, small group instruction and individualized plans are developed to meet the academic and emotional needs of each student in a Renewal School, allowing teachers to focus on their instructional practice.
  • Additional resources for school safety and social service programs designed to address the specific identified needs of students in that school community.

Renewal Schools
At a Glance

Teacher Leader Opportunities

Teachers who are new to the NYCDOE, as well as current NYCDOE teachers, may be eligible to apply for various Teacher Leader roles at Renewal Schools. Learn More