Apply to Teach in New York City Public Schools

Find Your Pathway

Professional Development Programs

  1. Bronx Talent Initiative

    What is provided?

    Supports non-teachers currently working in Bronx schools to advance their careers in education through professional development, hiring support, and networking.

    Who is eligible?

    Paraprofessionals currently working in Bronx schools.

Programs for Earning Your Bachelor's Degree

  1. Career Training Program:

    Provides tuition assistance—up to 6 credits per semester—for undergraduate study at participating colleges and universities, plus 2.5 hours per week of release time and/or a summer stipend to support study. 


    Who is eligible?

    Full-time paraprofessionals employed in NYC Public Schools who have not yet earned a bachelor’s degree. Proof of matriculation and minimum “C” grade point average required to remain in the program.