Apply to Teach in New York City Public Schools

Financial Incentives

In addition to a competitive wage, earn additional financial incentives for taking on new challenges and working with the students who need great teachers the most. 

Teacher Leadership

Teachers with proven success in the classroom can take on a number of teacher leadership roles, including as a Master or Model Teacher. Master Teachers, who work intensively with other teachers, providing one-on-one coaching and guiding professional development, earn a $20,000 salary differential. Model Teachers share and model proven teaching techniques with their peers, inviting other teachers into their classroom and demonstrating those techniques in practice. They receive a $7,500 salary differential.


Earn a master’s degree and get certified in certain high-need subjects with our Scholarship Program. In exchange for a service commitment, participants receive a full scholarship.

Loan Forgiveness and Loan Deferral

New teachers who just received New York State certification in certain high-need subjects can apply to have their student loans repaid through the Loan Forgiveness Program. There are also federal programs that allow new teachers serving in low-income schools or high-need subject areas to cancel or defer student loans.