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Pathways for Non-Certified School-Based Staff

Pathways for Non-Certified School-Based Staff 

Teachers in our school communities come from many backgrounds – including different levels of educational experience and skill sets. Please consider the different opportunities below, if you are not currently certified. 

NYC Public Schools Alternative Certification Programs

 NYC Teaching Fellows and NYC Teaching Collaborative are NYC Public Schools training and certification programs that are open to all applicants who are not currently certified as a teacher. Please visit the Alternative Certification section of our website to learn more! 

Ed Prep NYC

Ed Prep NYC is a part of NYC Men Teach and supports uncertified school-based staff who are working in New York City public schools and are interested in becoming certified teachers. Past program participants have included, but were not limited to: safety officers, substitute teachers, cafeteria workers, and paraprofessionals, and parent coordinators.

Ed Prep NYC supports uncertified school-based staff, who are currently working in NYC Public Schools, to advance their careers in education; the program aims to leverage the talent that already exists in schools.  

Eligible Ed Prep NYC participants will apply to be selected to participate in a subsidized master's degree and certification program offered by Relay Graduate School of Education (RGSE), Hunter College, and City College. The master's degree program provides an opportunity for candidates to begin teaching full-time, while completing their certification coursework.  The programs will recommend candidates who meet its graduate school program mandates for Transitional B certifications to NYSED.

The program leads to a Masters degree with dual certification, and includes:

  • Professional Development Sessions: These sessions focus on classroom management skills, fostering an understanding of the Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Education Framework, Social Emotional Learning and Restorative Justice, and understanding the Danielson Framework as the evaluative tool currently used for teacher observations.
  • Application Support: Hands-on guidance for NYS certification requirements.
  • Hiring Support: Support with employment searches, from resume and application writing, to designing coherent lesson plans and mock interview practice.
  • An accelerated opportunity to attain a certified teacher position


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“My Ed Prep NYC ambassador was a very big help in my getting into the program at City College"
- A. Munoz, Ed Prep NYC Cohort 6