Apply to Teach in New York City Public Schools

Career Pathways

Chart a dynamic professional path in New York City. We create opportunities for our teachers to grow, to work closely with colleagues and to lead changes at their school—both within and beyond the classroom.

Teachers can build a career path tailored to their interests and level of experience. Early-career teachers can stretch their skills from day one with dedicated time each week for professional learning within their school. Over time, they can broaden their experience by working at different schools that serve diverse student populations in unique ways.

Experienced teachers can extend their impact and take on new challenges in a teacher leadership role. Teacher leaders, integral members of a school team who are closely connected to its unique needs and culture, share best practices and facilitate deeper collaboration within and across schools. They build their skills leading adults, help develop other teachers through peer support, and add critical instructional capacity school-wide.

Model Teachers

Model Teachers use their classrooms as a laboratory and resource to support colleagues’professional growth, and also to identify and model the teachings that have proven to be most beneficial for students at their school. Model Teachers work an additional two hours every month and two days during the summer. They receive a $7,500 salary addition.

Peer Collaborative Teachers

Peer Collaborative Teachers, also known as “PCTs,” support their colleagues through focused coaching, intervisitations, and designing meaningful opportunities for growth. PCTs work an additional five hours per month and five days during the summer to carry out responsibilities related to their position. They receive a $12,500 salary addition.

Master Teachers

Master Teachers are a select group of educators who work closely with their school and/or district leadership to promote highly skilled teaching through purposeful sharing of effective practices, peer coaching, and the creation of a collaborative learning culture that bolsters instruction.  Master Teachers work an additional eight hours each month and eight days over the summer to carry out responsibilities related to their role. They receive a $20,000 salary addition.

In 2015-16, more than 700 Teacher Leaders strengthened nearly 300 school communities across New York City.

Teacher leadership opportunities vary by year. Please visit the NYCPS website for updated information on available opportunities.