Apply to Teach in New York City Public Schools

Student Teaching

Earn hands-on experience in New York City public schools. Student teachers currently enrolled in approved teacher preparation programs (e.g. institutions and programs) can hone their skills in authentic school settings under the guidance of experienced cooperating teachers. This is a great opportunity for student teachers to immerse themselves in a NYC public school community.

While student teaching, aspiring teachers become valued members of their school and classroom communities. They refine their teaching skills by gradually increasing their share of instructional responsibilities, including writing and delivering lesson plans, designing student assessments, and using data to inform instructional decisions. Cooperating teachers provide our student teachers coaching and feedback to support their professional development. 

As an added incentive, student teaching in a NYC public school provides aspiring teachers with opportunities to network with principals and other recruitment staff, who may be looking to hire talented new teachers with authentic experience in a NYC Public school classroom settings. 

Interested in student teaching at NYC Public Schools? Talk to your institution, or program, about the next steps you should take to arrange a student teaching placement in a NYC Public Schools community.


“By student teaching in a NYC public school, I received coaching and gained the necessary skills and knowledge to become a NYC teacher next year.” – student teacher, Bronx, Fall 2018

“My school made me feel like part of the community.”

– student teacher, Staten Island, Fall 2018

“My Cooperating Teacher has been a great mentor to me.”

– student teacher, Brooklyn, Fall 2018