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Thank you for your interest in teaching in the New York City Department of Education.

If you have questions about what the best pathway to the classroom is for you, sign up for an in-person or phone consultation with a representative from our Welcome Center. 


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New Teacher Support

The New York City Department of Education supports our newest teachers in a variety of ways - in person, online and in community settings.

New Teacher Week

New Teacher Week is our annual five-day professional learning and welcome event for newly hired teachers. The week is designed to provide practical preparation to support our newest educators as they begin their careers in NYC public schools. For the past four years, the DOE has hosted this event in collaboration with the United Federation of Teachers (UFT). 


If you are a newly hired teacher in a NYC public school, your school will assign you a mentor to help support you through your first year of teaching. You will develop a special relationship with your school-based mentor who is there to support your continuous professional growth and learning. Mentor support may include, but is not limited to: 

  • Resources for planning units and lessons 
  • Classroom intervisitations and debriefs 
  • Reflections on your teaching practice 
  • Professional goal-setting 

First Class 

First Class is a digital newsletter designed specifically for the DOE’s newest teachers. It is delivered periodically - 5-6x per school year - to all first-year teachers’ inboxes. The publication is also sent to their mentors, as well. Each issue highlights tools, resources, and recommendations designed to ensure a successful first-year in the classroom.  

New Teacher Surveys

All first-year NYC public teachers are surveyed twice during the school year - six weeks into the school year and again in late May/ early June. The surveys give school and central administrators greater insight into the experiences, satisfaction, and professional needs of new teachers citywide so they can better support new teachers.