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Spark Opportunity

New York City students have endless potential—and great teachers add the spark.
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Spark Discovery

Apply your passions to ignite students’ interest in critical subject areas.
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Spark Curiosity

Meet the teachers who are jump-starting the next generation of innovators, leaders and citizens.
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Spark Confidence

Create a classroom that encourages intellectual risks—and watch your students rise to the challenge.
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Discover Your Spark

Attend an online or in-person event to discover what it means to teach for the NYCDOE.
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We value the unique experiences our teachers bring to the table, and offer a wide range of pathways to the classroom. Learn more

Salary & Benefits

Earn a professional salary and craft a career that challenges you professionally and rewards you personally. Learn more

Application & Hiring Process

We take hiring seriously because we take our teachers seriously. There are two parts to our rigorous hiring process. Learn more

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