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Where To Teach: 3-K and Pre-K for All

There are 1,800 pre-K & 3-K programs meeting the needs of families in every community in New York City. Explore the interactive Pre-K and 3-K Finder Maps to find early childhood opportunities near you.

Universal Features

  • Full Day: 6 hours and 20 minutes; 180 days a year
  • Eligibility: Any child who lives in New York City (i.e. the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island), and was born in 2020 (4 year olds) and 2021 (3 year olds)
  • Class Size: 18 students: 2 adults, 19-20 students: 3 adults, or 15 students: 2 adults (3-year-olds)

District Schools

District School programs are offered at approximately 600 public elementary schools across New York City. These classes are fully integrated into their school community and operate similarly to other grades in the building.

  • Scale: 600+ public elementary schools across New York City.
  • Requirements: District School 3-K and pre-K program teachers must have New York State teaching certification in early childhood education.
  • Employer: NYC Public Schools| Salary & Benefits: NYC Public Schools employee
  • Available positions: New Teacher Finder

Pre-K Centers

Pre-K Centers are district-operated programs that serve only early childhood students and are staffed by NYC Public Schools personnel. Pre-K Centers are located either in new buildings designed specifically to serve early childhood classes or existing district school buildings where space will meet the needs of each 3-K and pre-K class.

  • Scale: 70 Pre-K Centers across New York City.
  • Requirements: Pre-K Center program teachers must have New York State teaching certification in early childhood education.
  • Employer: NYC Public Schools | Salary and Benefits: provided by NYC Public Schools
  • Available positions: New Teacher Finder

New York City Early Education Centers (NYCEECs)

New York City Early Education Centers (NYCEECs) are independent, community-based organizations that partner with the NYC Public Schools to provide free, full-day, high-quality early childhood education.

NYCEECs are run by non-profits, community-based organizations, nursery schools, charter schools, day care centers, faith-based organizations. As Pre-K for All and 3-K for All providers, NYCEECs are held to the same expectations as District Schools. NYCEEC teachers receive the same professional development and support from NYC Public School's Division of Early Childhood Education as NYC Public Schools teachers.

Teaching early childhood in a NYCEEC is a wonderful opportunity to gain vital experience, become an expert at classroom management, and build upon your existing skills as an early childhood educator. For the past three years, the large majority of early childhood teacher hires occurred in NYCEEC settings. By expressing interest in NYCEEC positions on your application, you will vastly increase the likelihood of finding an early childhood teaching position.

  • Embedded in their community. Teachers have the opportunity to develop close relationships with families and enrich the curriculum through community ties.
  • Flexibility and mission-driven programming. They have a strong early childhood focus, tailoring their services to our youngest learners.
  • Typically small, close knit environment affords teachers an opportunity to collaborate, brainstorm, learn and grown as a team.
  • Opportunities for professional development and leadership.
  • Variety of NYCEECs, allowing candidates to tailor the job search to find the right fit.

Interested NY State certified teachers applying through the New Teacher Finder have the opportunity to make their information available to NYCEEC hiring managers in Step 3 by selecting “Yes” to “Would you like your application made available to NYCEEC hiring managers looking for early childhood educators?”

  • Scale: There are over 1,150 NYCEECs across New York City.
  • Requirements: Diverse employment opportunities in NYCEECs for both certified and not-yet-certified teacher candidates.
  • Employer: Each NYCEEC employs its own teachers; not NYC Public Schools. | Salary & Benefits: independently provided by each NYCEEC, varies based on organization. Not NYC Public Schools employees.
  • Available positions: New Teacher Finder (certified candidates) or Early Childhood Teacher Finder (not-yet-certified candidates)

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“When the chance to teach full day pre-K opened up in my school in 2009, I jumped. It’s an exciting time. The Chancellor has a wonderful vision for the children.”
Phyllis Berk, Pre-K Teacher, Queens